About Me

My name is Emma Cardwell and I'm a Geographer. I specialise in researching and writing about the environment, and in particular, food production. I'm especially interested in the unique relationship between humans and those animals we choose to eat, be they wild (like fish) domesticated (like chickens, pigs and cows) or a hybrid of both (game species such as pheasant and deer); and the animals we eat the produce of (bees, cows again for dairy). The economic organisation of these human-animal industries throws up fascinating issues around sustainability, ethics and the human-animal experience.

I hold a DPhil (PhD) from the University of Oxford School of Geography and Environment, an MSc also from Oxford and a BSc from LSE. My DPhil was a study of the 'financialisation' of the British fishing industry - the growing role of the banking sector in fishing, and the way in which movements of large sums of money are now integral to its management. You can read more about this by hopping over to my publications page. I currently work on an interdisciplinary project on nutrient sustainability in UK beef farms, in the Sociology Department at Lancaster University, was recently part of a socio-legal project on marine protected areas in England and Scotland, in the Law Department of Bristol University. You can write to me at myfullname (Emma Jayne Cardwell) at gmail.com.

Blood and oats, incidentally, are the main ingredients in black pudding.